You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.Henry David Thoreau

Last week I buried a friend who by all accounts was much loved by his family and friends, successful in his business endeavors and well respected.

Prior to the funeral ceremony we watched a constant flow of pictures showing the entirety of his life. His infectious smile when with family, on the ski slopes or captaining a boat showed a man who both loved and lived life full out. However fully loving what you do does not guarantee longevity because even though this man got more out of a day than most, he’s still gone.

So there I sat, emotionally spent grieving the passing of a brother in arms. Another who loved life as much or more than I and who, in the fashion he wanted, lived it as fully and hard as I.

I mourned the fact that he’ll do that no longer and that his friends will no longer enjoy his energy. I mourned the fact that his passing left much on the table as he certainly had so much more living to do. So I guess the real lesson here is to keep on keeping on.

Sure, when passing I’d like to be missed, but that’s only for those who remain. At the end of it all, what really counts is how I lived MY life its own self. Did I get as much from each and every day that I could – did I live out loud?

Because, as the poem goes, in the end…it’s all about living and experiencing ‘The Dash’.

Dwain – The BusinessBiker

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