Dwain on Business


“Business is the greatest win/lose game there is. There’s NO second place so you better bring your ‘A-Game…”

I’m an entrepreneur, author, professional speaker and the Founder/CEO of WaterMark International. For almost two decades I’ve had the privilege of coaching top CEOs as well as working with more than one hundred start-up and growing businesses through private one-on-one consulting, workshops and the upcoming Retreat on Wheels.

With a client list that covers the spectrum of business; from small enterprises to universities to major corporations; including the Fortune 100, my innovative Process of Navigation helps entrepreneurs work through the challenges we all encounter on the road to success.

Whether it’s business strategy, leadership development, communication, mergers and acquisitions or succession planning I help CEOs deal with issues within their own style, culture and timetable to achieve maximum performance.

Dwain on Biking


“I’d rather ride my motorcycle thinking about my business than sit in an office thinking about my motorcycle.”

I love riding my motorcycle as much as I love working through the challenges of business. And after decades of enjoying both, I’ve grown equally at home in the boardroom and in the saddle.

So after a life-threatening bout with cancer I took a long road trip on my bike to clear my head and find the answer to balancing my personal life without sacrificing my business goals. The result is my book, The Biker’s Guide to Business, a no-nonsense, down and dirty approach to building a high performance company.