“Not just for bikers, this guide should be on every entrepreneur’s bookshelf” ~ Feathered Quill

The Biker’s Guide to Business is written for the business leader who’s passionate about building a profitable business while also wanting to get the most out of life.

Because ultimate happiness comes when we turn our passions into performance.

As a biker, entrepreneur and cancer survivor I know first hand that overcoming big challenges in life and business takes guts, passion and a plan.

The Biker’s Guide to Business is a straightforward system of leadership that turbocharges your business and turns your goals into reality.

I use the motorcycle as metaphor to better illustrate the lessons learned from overcoming challenges during my 30-plus years in the boardroom and the saddle. My no-nonsense philosophy and easy-to-implement process is designed to get you where you want to go.

Readers from across the globe have written to me saying how The Biker’s Guide to Business has changed their business perspective, made them more organized and given them more free time.

“Thank you for your book. In this period of fear and uncertainty in my life you’ve reminded me that facing the fear but loving the ride is what all riders and business owners do every day.” – R. Chua

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The Biker’s Guide to Business Teaches You:

  • How to simplify your work life and accelerate your business growth without sacrificing your personal life.

  • The leadership formula guaranteed to turn your company into a high-performance machine.

  • Three surefire techniques that develop your staff into a winning team.

  • My foolproof method of implementing the tools and techniques that produce results – immediately.

“It’s like you are talking directly to me. Just want I needed for my current “relationship” with my business.” – C. Robson

Table of Contents:


Biking and Business

Chapter 1 – Who Am I

Chapter 2 – Why Am I Writing This Book?

Chapter 3 – Roadside Distractions

Chapter 4 – The In-Between

Chapter 5 – The Tragedy of Strategy

Chapter 6 – What is Navigation?

Chapter 7 – Meeting Life at the Crossroad

Chapter 8 – Finding My Ultimate Destination

Chapter 9 – It’s My Ride

Chapter 10 – Figuring It Out

Chapter 11 – Your Economic Engine

Chapter 12 – Planning Your ‘Ride’

Chapter 13 – The Work to Be Done

Chapter 14 – Communication – The Fuel of High Performance

Chapter 15 – Harnessing the Power of the Pack

Chapter 16 – Sharpening Your Skills

Chapter 17 – Your Role as Road Captain


More Rules of the Road

“The Biker’s Guide to Business is an original and unique take on business.” ~ Midwest Book Review

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