“The key to success is not the recognition of opportunities, but instead recognizing the opportunities you elect NOT to chase.”

So many shiny balls to chase with so little time…opportunity abounds no matter the state of the economy and we entrepreneurs are born optimists. We have full faith and confidence in our ability to get there no matter if we have to go around, over or through it – it will be done.

But, as I’ve often said, a strength overused becomes a weakness and one of the major weaknesses I see in business today is the tendency to chase too many opportunities at one time.

Oh sure, from ‘on high’ we can handle multiple ideas in our head at one time, but what about those who are actually going to do the work? How much distraction can they absorb and overcome and still perform at the level needed?

Every time you pull someone away from their primary task to discuss a potential opportunity you’re setting off an invisible chain of events that can have major implications on your company’s performance.

Aside from killing their focus for the time being you’ve now set their stomach churning with anxiety over more and different work coming at them or perhaps it’s the opposite and they’re excited about the new opportunity.

In either case, what do you think they’re going to think and talk about for the rest of the day/week? The new-new thing just became the number one focal point in their mind, instantly affecting the original task at hand. Can you afford 20% less effort…10%…5%?

Whatever the number is, attach a dollar sign to it and you’ll quickly see what it’s costing you.

Dwain – The Biker Guy

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