Early in my career I made the mistake every young entrepreneur does – invest too much time and energy looking for the perfect partner to help launch a project. You know how it goes – come up with a great idea that with that right marketing […] [Read More...]
                      Three words make up one of the lamest excuses in business today – “I don’t know.” A business is paid to know, as a consultant know the answer, as a manufacturer know how your widget works as a service provider know how to serve. […] [Read More...]
One of the areas I’ve focused a lot on the past few years is helping to dissolve partnerships within successful companies. And I stress successful because the issues causing this dissolution rarely crop up when fighting for survival and/or market share. Long term partnerships are very much like a marriage in that both come together […] [Read More...]
Ask any Entrepreneur to list their most difficult problems and more often than not translating their vision into action makes the list. We see it clearly, so clear we can almost touch and taste it but our team just sits there nodding their collective heads. Certainly they all see SOME of it, but rare (and […] [Read More...]
              Many years ago while in banking I heard the tale of a young loan officer whose customer defaulted on a $10 million loan. Shortly after he was called into the President’s office sitting nervously as the President began to describe in detail a new project he was being […] [Read More...]
It’s that time of year where most everyone rolls out their resolutions and we all know where those usually end up. So, rather than resolving I prefer to hope because that combined with intention usually works. In 2016 I hope to… • Have an abundance of opportunities I elect not to chase • Reach for […] [Read More...]
“Partners are for dancing…” Joel Carmany There are few things more difficult than growing a business when a partnership has run its course. In the beginning business partners share a vision and while in sync, turn it into reality. But there is a truism in business that nothing fails like success meaning that as the […] [Read More...]
“You don’t get any medal for trying something, you get medals for results.”  Bill Parcells I always find it interesting at the end of a sports season to watch who comes and who goes in the coaching and leadership ranks. In few other industries are the leaders so scrutinized (daily) and held to their results. […] [Read More...]
“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Abraham Lincoln The New Year is a time of resolutions for most. After all, we’ve just closed one chapter and are starting another so why not change a few things? And nowhere is this more evident than at your […] [Read More...]
You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. – Henry David Thoreau Owning a motorcycle is as American as entrepreneurship and I believe an essential addition to any entrepreneur’s long-term business success. It starts with the fact that both biking and business are vehicles to take […] [Read More...]