“The insight and guidance I’ve received is invaluable. As result of working with Dwain my revenue doubled. My relationship with Dwain is the most significant strategic business relationship I have!!!”
– G. Mears, CEO

Entrepreneurship – achieving success in your own business and taking control of your life is one of the most exciting things you can do. It’s also one of the most challenging.

Long days and projects with no end in sight can cause you to fall into the old school trap of believing that you can either build a great business OR a great life…that you can’t have both.

It doesn’t have to be that way – you can build a great business AND have a great life.

I know because for almost 2 decades I’ve both taught it and (most importantly) lived it firsthand while serving as trusted advisor to some of today’s top entrepreneurs.

In 1994 I developed the Process of Navigation, an innovative process to guide businesses – small and large – through the challenges they face when trying to reach the next level of performance.

This practical, hands-on approach helps organizations deal with issues within its own style, culture and timetable.

“Dwain simply knows when to shake-it-up, shut-it-down, and challenge all levels of thinking, which ignites and inspires…we’re a new organization because of it.” – Phil Medina, CEO

Small and large, from high-tech to no tech, major universities to one of the world’s top defense contractors; I’ve helped leaders navigate through their issues to build successful, thriving businesses.

What you can expect to receive:

  • How successful entrepreneurs know – at all times and with certainty – they’re headed in the right direction. It’s how you get to your destination successfully and fast.
  • Straightforward Strategies that turn your company into a consistent profit machine. Success comes from top business performance.
  • How to harness the brain power of your management team to develop plans that work. Winning tactics that drive your success.
  • Proven communication techniques that drive successful businesses to the next level. You achieve what you discuss.
  • How to turn your management team into business leaders. Fundamental techniques that turns your team into a high-performance unit.

“Dwain has been a fantastic business coach! When we started working together he made me set an aggressive five year revenue goal. Two and half years later, I beat it! – Julie Swatek, CEO

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