Business is a series of partnerships. Some formal and long term, others project based and short term.

Most of us enter into these partnerships with the best of intentions and focus mainly on the opportunity at hand and subsequent work to be done. Unfortunately, we don’t spend enough time contemplating the end of the road.

That’s because at the beginning our agendas match perfectly…we want the work. However, as time goes by, agendas shift and change because of personal growth, circumstance or preference forcing the partners to, well…part.

A fork in the road has appeared seemingly out of nowhere with each partner choosing a different one. The interesting thing about this fork is that early on down their respective paths, both can see, touch and hear each other. However, after a while you no longer touch each other but can still see and hear until eventually none of these are possible. And this is when the freak out occurs.

When talking about it don’t focus solely on keeping the band together. Instead delve into each other’s vision for the future and discuss where you see yourselves five years down the line openly and honestly.

Who knows, that fork may be nothing more than two paths going around the same mountain where you eventually reconnect.

Dwain – The Biker Guy

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