It’s that time of year where most everyone rolls out their resolutions and we all know where those usually end up. So, rather than resolving I prefer to hope because that combined with intention usually works.

In 2016 I hope to…

• Have an abundance of opportunities I elect not to chase
• Reach for and almost touch the sky
• Be tested harder than ever before
• Feel the sting of ‘failure’ in order to learn the lesson within it
• Fail forward
• Be disappointed so I can better enjoy success
• Get lost on my bike
• Have 6 really cool rides
• Ride in the rain
• Cultivate more than a few new and great friendships
• Laugh till I cry
• Drink a new whisky…to excess

That’s my list…what’s yours?


As always – These are my thoughts and I look forward to yours. Thanks for following me here and I hope you saddle up next to me on The CEO Ride – my conference designed exclusively for entrepreneurs who love to ride as much as they love business. Ride on!