“You don’t get any medal for trying something, you get medals

for results.”  Bill Parcells

I always find it interesting at the end of a sports season to watch who comes and who goes in the coaching and leadership ranks. In few other industries are the leaders so scrutinized (daily) and held to their results. You win, you stay. You lose, you go.

That got me to thinking about business and entrepreneurship in that if we were constantly in the public eye with ‘experts’ watching our every move could we succeed? If we didn’t own the company, would we still be the leader or replaced at the end of a tough year?

Thankfully most of us do not have that problem and can run our businesses with an eye toward the long term. We’re able to make certain sacrifices or forego opportunities that don’t necessarily fit our agenda. After all, we own the damn place so who’s going to fire us? Well, lots of people actually.

Our actions are more public than we’d care to believe as daily we’re watched by employees and customers alike. All the while being second guessed like a referee having a bad day. And isn’t turnover, whether it be employee or customer, a form of being fired?

So it’s imperative that our agenda aligns with that of our team and our clients. And when it doesn’t, to talk about it so that success can be better defined. All it takes is a conversation and the willingness to listen as well as be heard. Then, in the words of Spike Lee – Do the Right Thing.


Dwain – The BusinessBiker

I’d rather ride my motorcycle thinking about my business than sit in my office thinking about my motorcycle.

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