Disappointment 2










Early in my career I made the mistake every young entrepreneur does – invest too much time and energy looking for the perfect partner to help launch a project. You know how it goes – come up with a great idea that with that right marketing partner (i.e. big) and it’s sure to explode.

In my case I found two great partners who each served a distinct segment of the target market bringing valuable credibility to my concept making instant success a no-brainer. Que the buzzer because the two by four of reality that smacked me across the head proved there is no such thing as instant success and there is no perfect partner.

To be sure without either partner the project never would have launched, but even with their combined size and credibility behind it there were still many huge struggles. Along the way I found these keys to managing my frustration while overcoming those inherent obstacles and achieving a level of success:

  • First lesson is everyone involved has their own agenda for playing. Yes, we may all agree with the core mission but ultimate expectations and actions may differ according to individual bottom lines, partnerships and time frames.
  • Second, a new project is a new project, even to the biggest of companies so temper your expectations of quick success and get ready for a long haul. They may have a vast and loyal following but not everyone is an early adopter. There’s still a ton of selling to do convincing them that it’s a good product and even then you’re only going to get a small portion of their market.
  • Not everyone in their organization will buy into the project. Just because the ‘boss’ is a fan doesn’t mean the rest of the crew will drop everything they’re doing to work on the new, new thing. Your project is screwing with their calendar and priority list so you better get to know and get close to those who are doing the work. Many a new idea has mysteriously died on the planning table.
  • Last and probably the most important thing to remember is that he who holds the gold rules and you need them more than they need you. Until things are proven and money made you’re just a ‘good idea’ worth experimenting on.

In the end I may not have achieved explosive success but it did launch successfully and I’m still in the game.

As always  These are my thoughts, I could be wrong. So, if you disagree or simply want to pile on, please do so. I look forward to the conversation.