“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Abraham Lincoln

The New Year is a time of resolutions for most. After all, we’ve just closed one chapter and are starting another so why not change a few things? And nowhere is this more evident than at your local gym.

Year after year I watch people hit the gym with great desire and vigor only to slowly disappear within a month. What starts out as a five day a week commitment slides to three, then one, then none.

Now, as a gym rat that started out in my 20’s playing tournament racquetball and living through three-a-day workouts where I lifted weights before dawn, ran three miles at lunch and then practiced racquetball for hours in the evening, I understand how to commit to a goal. However, time causes change to one’s lifestyle, so today I’m more inclined to a workout that better matches my age and physical abilities (or lack thereof). Still, it’s an integral part of my lifestyle and something I make time for in my busy schedule. And therein lies the rub for the Resolutionary in all of us…the change we seek must become part of our overall lifestyle or else it’s just another doomed experiment.

Put the health example aside and instead think of our business goals for the year. As diligent entrepreneurs, we all stopped to think about the year past and what we want to change and/or accomplish going forward. We held a meeting, mapped them out and wrote it all down. But did we ask two fundamental questions of ourselves and our team to determine whether or not it’s true change we seek or just another nice sounding pipe dream?

  1. Will the business equivalent of losing 20 lbs. make a real difference in reaching my goals? – Stop and determine whether or not these new activities will actually ‘move the needle’. It’s important to make sure what we want to do will be an integral part of success and not just something new, different and exciting. Time and focus are commodities too precious to waste, especially in the first quarter of the year.
  2. Will I still be doing this in June? – Too often we set too lofty a goal such as attending a networking function or writing three blogs in a given week. Really? If we are going from zero to this level of activity we’ve just set ourselves up for failure. It’s far better to start out slowly and work up to that number so we begin to experience success, no matter how modest. Remember, success in the New Year doesn’t necessarily require a new YOU, just a focused one. Now, you done with that bench?


Dwain – The BusinessBiker

“I’d rather ride my motorcycle thinking about my business than sit in my office thinking about my motorcycle.”

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