Leo Kiely, CEO of Molson Coors said to me one day – “Riding is an instant sailing trip where I go to clear my head”.  And that’s probably the best explanation for ‘cagers’ to understand why it is that we ride. 


We Business Bikers all have that favorite ride we use to get away.  On our way there we think about everything and nothing.  Random ideas shoot through our head while fence posts fly by turning our thoughts into one long blur. This mind clearing allows us to go really deep when we finally do stop.  That’s the kind of experience no car can provide because when in that cage we’re either listening to the radio, a book on tape or talking on the cell phone.  All the while wondering if ‘we’re there yet.

And that’s precisely what the poster Strategic Planning is all about.  It’s that feeling we get when hopping on our bike and getting to that favorite spot tothink about what’s really important in our world. 


Dwain – The Biker Guy

Ride On!