Ask any Entrepreneur to list their most difficult problems and more often than not translating their vision into action makes the list.

We see it clearly, so clear we can almost touch and taste it but our team just sits there nodding their collective heads. Certainly they all see SOME of it, but rare (and I do mean rare) is the occasion when they see all of it, but that’s OK and precisely why they’re working in your organization.

The ability to see your vision isn’t nearly as important as their trust in and willingness to follow making your job that of defining their role in it. So focus on just that and break it down into more manageable, i.e. short-term tasks.

If it’s a five year vision, describe where the company needs to be this time next year in order to get there. And then, explain their role in it. If it’s a one year vision, then describe their next 90-days.

Your team wants to execute and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that goes with a job well done – just don’t make them wait five years to celebrate.


As alwaysThese are my thoughts, I could be wrong. So, if you disagree or simply want to pile on, please do so.  I look forward to the conversation.