Understand the Race and Enjoy the Pace

They say that life is about the journey. A few years ago, Dwain learned that it’s also about redefining the route we take. After a life-threatening fight with cancer, Dwain needed to re-calibrate his personal GPS system in order to achieve balance without compromising business goals or sacrificing his passion for living out loud. 

As a seasoned biker and successful veteran of business with an entrepreneurial spirit, Dwain developed a solution for everyone that can be customized to suit their particular model. His 5-step process is designed for anyone interested in building a successful business and a great life. 

Dwain shows you how to rev up your personal engine as you redefine your journey in business and in life.

Background: Too often as entrepreneurs we wake up to discover that we now work for our company instead of our company working for us. Over time, long days and projects with no end in sight will wear down the best business leader leaving them trapped in a world of their own making. All want to break the cycle, many try – but few actually succeed.

There is a way to build a great business AND have a great life – the key is finding your answer before it’s too late. Because the age old choice of choosing between building a great business OR having a great lifestyle no longer applies. Today entrepreneurs want it all and to make every day count!

Purpose: Learn the five step process necessary to achieve success in both business and life. Business and Life are two sides of the same coin – it’s how you spend them that counts.   

Designed For: Entrepreneurs and business leaders wanting to lessen their daily stress and create a winning lifestyle without sacrificing their business goals.

Topics/Points Covered:

  • Putting Your Life First
  • The Secret to Defining Your Balance
  • Meshing Your Business and Personal Goals
  • Letting Go…the Right Way
  • Building a Team that Sets You Free

Special Features: Drawing on personal experience when battling back from cancer and re-defining his balance, Dwain presents a process that all entrepreneurs can use to get the most out of life. This unique perspective and high octane content can be tailored for any size group in any duration from 30-minute keynote to full-day program.

Results: This interactive program builds a fundamental roadmap to better balance their life and business goals. All business leaders, rider and non-rider alike will come to understand that business and life are two sides of the same coin and it’s how you spend them that counts!

Inquiries For Speaking Events

Dwain DeVille, CEO and Author is a self-described “gym rat” of business. As founder of WaterMark International, he’s had the privilege of coaching top CEOs as well as working with more than one hundred startup and growing businesses.

As much as Dwain loves working through the challenges of business, he loves riding his motorcycle even more. The result is his innovative approach to business that combine lessons learned from the boardroom and the saddle to guide entrepreneurs and their companies through the challenges we all encounter on the road to success.

Dwain’s vast client list includes organizations from small enterprises to universities to major corporations, including many in the Fortune 500. Known for his laid-back, engaging style, Dwain is able to connect with people in all levels of an organization. This style adds value to the equation and has earned the respect and trust of his clients – leading to long-term business relationships.