Who is Dwain DeVille

Dwain is an author, entrepreneur and professional speaker. He began his career in the financial services/banking industry, focusing on the areas of turn-around management, product development, community and governmental relations.

In 1994 he founded WaterMark International, serving as a trusted advisor to top business leaders and enjoying a client list covering the spectrum of business, from small enterprises to major universities and Fortune 100 corporations.

Dwain advises these CEOs and their companies through one-on-one coaching, workshops and high-level mastermind groups. His innovative process plays a critical role in these business leaders achieving their goals for success.

His keen awareness of the pitfalls that entrepreneurs encounter and laid-back, engaging style enables Dwain to connect at all levels of the organization. And the dynamic results achieved have earned the respect and trust of his clients – leading to long-term business relationships.

However, after a life-threatening bout with cancer Dwain needed to balance his personal life without sacrificing his business goals. While enjoying a long motorcycle road trip, he cleared his head and found the answer. The result is his book: The Biker’s Guide to Business – When Business and Life Meet at the Crossroads, published by John Wiley & Sons.

Using the motorcycle as metaphor, Dwain combines lessons learned from decades in the boardroom and the saddle to create a model that will help anyone – whether they ride or not – navigate through the challenges of building a successful business while maintaining a flourishing personal life.