DMD Consulting/Coaching

Entrepreneurs strive for both a successful business and an exhilarating life. With over three decades of experience as a trusted advisor to top entrepreneurs, Dwain offers practical, hands-on solutions customized to your style, culture, and timetable. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small tech firm, Dwain’s goal is to help you build a thriving business without sacrificing the joys of life.

As Entrepreneurs we want it all!  But long days filled with challenges and issues that have no end in sight can cause us to fall into the old school trap of believing that having both a great life and a great business is a pipedream, that it’s an either/or situation.  

I’ve spent over 3 decades serving as trusted advisor to some of today’s top entrepreneurs, helping them face those challenges on the road to building a great life AND a high-performance company.   

My practical, hands-on approach will help you deal with issues within your own style, culture and timetable. No matter the size company, from high-tech to no tech, major universities to a four person high tech firm; I’ve helped leaders just like you build a successful, thriving business without giving up on having a life!

So if you enjoy working hard and playing just as hard shoot me an email and we’ll talk. I look forward to helping you to rev up your personal engine as you redefine your journey in business and in life.

“Dwain’s distilled guidance and methodologies provide artful navigation while teaching how to fish. He simply knows when to shake-it-up, shut-it-down, and challenge all levels of thinking, which ignites and inspires…we’re a new organization because of it.”                  – Phil Medina, CEO