“TEAM enables me to see that I am not alone – that others have the same issues no matter what business you have. It’s the single most important thing I do for my business..” -Lisa Welton, CEO

As an entrepreneur, achieving success in in today’s fast paced world is tough and getting tougher! But what if you could have the best and the brightest CEOs from growing companies, just like yours on your Board of Advisors?

You can!

TEAM (The Entrepreneur’s Achievement Model) is a powerful way for CEOs to combine talents, achieve a competitive edge… set goals higher, solve problems faster and achieve more in less time.

“Dwain has incredible insight into all aspects of running a business. His experience working 1-1 with such a diverse mix of CEO’s has enabled him to fully understand the fundamentals of what it takes to run a business, move it forward and succeed.”-Dave Simons, CEO

This Isn’t Business 101…

It’s about surrounding yourself with other like-minded, successful entrepreneurs who come together for one thing – to build winning businesses!

We know that succeeding in business is often lonely and hard work. Now imagine where your company can go with access to the experiences, counsel on your business strategies and their innovative ideas.

If You Are:

  • CEO of highly entrepreneurial business
  • Results-oriented
  • Open to and accepting of feedback
  • Willing to think about issues in a new context
  • Wanting to build a high-performance management team

Then TEAM is for you…

“TEAM has been the catalyzing force that has helped me focus my vision, and forces me to regularly work through the critical issues central to growing my company well. For the first time, I actually feel like a CEO and President.” –James Spencer, President/CE

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*TEAM companies are selected based on their track record of financial performance, innovation, growth and profitability.