“Dwain was able to successfully transition our management structure and helped to shift culture into a more productive, stable and happy environment. And our revenues have risen, which has proven invaluable.” –Jim Cross, Managing Partner

Is your Management Team keeping pace in these uncertain times?

Do they possess the leadership skills necessary to take you and your company to the next level?

Would your company survive or thrive without you?

For the past two decades, Dwain has worked with more than one hundred startup and growing businesses; along the way developing a keen awareness of the pitfalls that these enterprises often encounter.

Known for his laid-back, engaging style, Dwain connects with people in all levels of the organization earning the respect and trust of his clients.

He uses this vast experience, information and knowledge to create a host of solutions and services designed to do one thing – build winning businesses.

The Entrepreneur’s Achievement Model – TEAM

“TEAM is exactly what the doctor ordered for entrepreneurs to be able to roll up their sleeves, exchange ideas and provide the stimulus needed to conquer adversity and excel.” –Dave Simons, CEO

Join a select group of peers for monthly meeting where you discuss and develop the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve the type of growth, profitability and bottom line performance you’re looking for.

Participant Profile:

  • Highly entrepreneurial CEOs of privately held corporations
  • Results oriented
  • Accepts feedback well, willing to change behavior and/or think about issues in a new context
  • Needs absolutely confidential assistance with options for action
  • Desires assistance with specific issues and/or with long-term plans
  • Desires a sounding board to validate current behaviors and performance
  • Desires independent, objective feedback and thought on business issues to increase performance


“Dwain’s expert listening skills and tactful guidance coupled with his obvious rich experience in working with complex organizations and teams have resulted in renewed awareness of our mission and focus to our work… I recommend Dwain to anyone who is seeking a professional to help them navigate their path to success.” –Steven Burrell, CIO

As a successful business leader, you’ve made plenty of right decisions – from strategic planning to marketing; from finance to personnel. But maintaining your position in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace is tougher than ever.

And you’ve got to do a lot more than ‘maintain’ to remain successful and leading-edge. Sustained success comes from strong leadership, not only from you but also from your management team.

Building an internal Leadership Pipeline is not only smart – it’s mandatory in a business world pounded by relentless change and constantly reshaped by forces outside their control.

Dwains confidential group and one-on-one coaching has assisted companies achieve greater profitability and breakthrough performance by providing them with the tools necessary to excel in these uncertain times.

Participant Profile:

  • Business owners and key executives/ managers working within an organizational structure
  • Results-oriented
  • Seeking to develop leadership and management skills
  • Accepts feedback and is willing to change behavior and/or think about issues in a new context
  • Desires assistance with specific issues and/or with long-term plans
  • Desires independent, objective feedback and thought on business issues to enhance competence and/or performance

Business Planning

“Dwain brings out the best in you in an environment that develops unique forward thinking plans unique to your industry.” –Brett Fadeley, CEO

In this intensive one-day planning session, you and your management team develop the tactics necessary to identify and achieve corporate goals and objectives.

The session identifies and establishes the strategies, tasks and talents necessary for you to reach and exceed your goals. The end result is a concise plan that guides and focuses your organization on what’s most important.

  • Design your winning strategy
  • Clearly defined goals and objectives
  • Develop the tactics necessary to turn your goals into reality
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Milestones and associated timelines
  • Keys to success
  • Contingencies

Participant Profile:

  • Entrepreneurial organizations seeking breakthrough performance strategies, planning and tactical implementation
  • Results-oriented management team
  • Desires assistance with specific project and long-term plans
  • Accepting of a change in direction
  • Wants to challenge the management team to think in a new direction


“Dwain was an excellent keynote speaker at our convention. His rapport with the crowd was instant and he held their attention with commonsense advice gained from his vast business and biking experience.” –Marion J. Posen, VP Sales and Marketing / MACS Worldwide

True breakthrough thinking takes place beyond boardroom walls and Dwain brings to his speeches the type of creativity that only riding a motorcycle at 10,000 ft. can provide.

Using the experiences and metaphors of biking, Dwain shows how the rules of the road for motorcycling mirror those of business. This innovative approach to business delivers proven solutions to the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment. Riders and non-riders alike come to understand that the skills of a rider and those of business are indeed linked.

His unique speeches illustrate that simplicity and adherence to fundamentals are the keys to both a successful motorcycle journey and that of achieving success in business.

Participant Profile:

  • Trade Associations
  • Not for profit organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Business Groups

The CEO Ride

“We’d rather ride our motorcycles thinking about business than sit in an office thinking about our motorcycles…” –The BusinessBiker Creed

It’s a CEO Mastermind group like no other as this retreat combines two exciting explorations – business and biking.

In our business sessions you’ll explore the challenges of improving your business while teaming up with a peer group of other savvy, like-minded riders who are willing to share their experience and expertise.

On the bike you’ll explore some of the best motorcycling in the world, with magnificent vistas, clean air and twisty roads.

As an added bonus – You’ll make new friends and share insights you’ll value for life…and have a few laughs, too.

Participant Profile:

  • Experienced and licensed motorcycle rider
  • Business owner (size of company may apply)
  • Results-oriented
  • Seeking a unique collaborative environment to learn new ideas
  • Willing to share experience and best business practices

The Biker’s Guide to Business

“It’s about success in business AND life…” –Dwain

They say that life is about the journey. After over 30 years in both the boardroom and the saddle, I’ve learned that it’s also about redefining the route we take.

After a life-threatening fight with cancer, I had to re-calibrate my personal GPS in order to achieve balance without compromising business goals or sacrificing my passion for living out loud.

Simply put ~ I want it all! I want to make every day count.

And that’s what The Biker’s Guide To Business is all about – it’s written for business men and women who enjoy working hard and playing just as hard.

So whether you ride or not, whether you’re a first time entrepreneur just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while – my straightforward, no B.S. guide will show you how to build a successful business AND live life full throttle!

Its business with a biker’s attitude and designed to help rev up your personal engine as you define your journey in business and in life.

3-D Business

Coming Soon

Running your own business and taking control of your life is one of the most exciting things you can do. It’s also one of the most challenging as well.

When I began pioneering my Navigation Process almost 20 years ago, life and business was an either/or proposition. You pretty much had to sacrifice one to build the other. And with a bit of luck, over time you just might enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But I always thought there was a better way and began designing tools and techniques that would bridge the two. In other words, help entrepreneurs like you and me achieve their business goals without sacrificing their lives.

3-D is a web-based course designed to teach you my Navigation Process from start to finish with access to the tools, tips and techniques for business success.

I’ve titled it 3-D because business has three fundamental dimensions:

  • Decide where it is you want to go in life and the business will follow
  • Design your business, tactics and skills to achieve the success you want
  • Do is just that – ways to implement, communicate and grow in such a way that you successfully get to where you want to go in business and life.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

Well, it is…however there are key components to each that if missed, will at the very least slow you down or worse, tosses you in a ditch.

3-D Business is designed to keep you out of the ditch, straighten your path and get you there quickly and in one piece.

Coming your way third quarter of 2011.